What Is The Front Row At The Freak Show?

What up, freaks? So we said we had some news a coming and we weren’t boolshitting. The podcast been picked up by another internet radio station and suffice to say, think it’s going to be the start of a lot more exposure for the Font Row. Production quality should….well, exist now. Plus, the archived shows will be available on iHeart radio. Of course, we’ll still be posting them here as well but now you can get your freak on a lot easier through the app and shit like that. We did need to sacrifice though. first, this is more like radio and I now got a time slot and it’s only 50 minutes. That might be a good thing, who knows? The other…a little tougher to swallow but we’re gonna give it a try. No F-bombs! Yeah, we CAN use a potty mouth but the station be like, “advertisers and sponsors don’t groove on that shit.” So, we decided that the overall message of the Front Row more important and we gonna try to stay in the lines. Funny, been probably almost 40 years since the great George Carlin put out the 7 words you can’t say on TV but here I am wondering still what the boundaries are. Is it still; shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, mother fucker and tits? Jesus, we hope not. I mean how does one talk about say, Dick Cheney and not use the word, cocksucker? It shall be a challenge fo sho!
Anyway, freak, so there you have it! Tune in and as always, please help spread the Front Row far and wide by sharing and all that crap. So here’s a little video that…well, I describe it on the YouTube page but you can consider it like a trailer of sorts for the Front Row podcast or, just in general. Kind of sums things up here at the freak show. Pretty quick, only about 6, 7 minutes and we think you’ll enjoy it.
Alrighty then, you freaks be good now, ya hear?

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