What Is Front Row At The Freak Show?

logo_500x500That, of course, is a damn good question! We like to think the tagline sums it up pretty good…..”Conspiracy? Maybe. Screwed? Definitely.” Well, at least, that describes in a nice, totally vague, unclear way what the motivation is here. Look, whether you want to believe there is a grand conspiracy to bring down or fundamentally change America and the world really doesn’t matter. The numbers are in and they suck! Suck like, across the board too! Suck, just absolutely everywhere and in almost everything as far and wide as the eye can see. It’s more or less Bizzarro world out there and if this is news to you, time to do a little rethink on the medication levels whatever that maybe be. Stop taking them, start taking them, cut down, dial up or change the brand. ‘Cuz literally these days, left is right, right is wrong and two wrongs is a slow day for most of the psychos running this planet.

So far so good? Good! Other than that, the Front Row At The Freak Show is this here blog. Though it has been and we hope it will be again a source for more and other shit, right now it is admittedly mostly a springboard for the other thing we got going which is the podcast. Currently, we hit the airwaves every Monday, 8:30PM (EST) on Blogtalkradio.com/frontrow. There we take a look at, dissect, breakdown and stand in awe over the news and events from the serious to the sublime, from around the globe to around the corner in an effort to make some sense of it all and hopefully wake a few people up along the way. You can tune in to hear Crafty, the Admizer & Bax discuss a wide range of topics including: current news and events, the police state, the new world order, 9/11, the Federal Reserve, false-flags, the left/right paradigm, endless war, and in general, failure after failure of our “leaders” over the last couple hundred years. What’s that definition of insanity again? Don’t worry, we even find time for you religious types or those who like to dabble in UFO’s or more specifically, the ever-increasing evidence regarding the true origins of man and the bullshit we’ve been fed there since day one. Wait! There’s more!!! Oh this is the Freak Show, baby, we always got more! Because we always like to mix it up, keep it real and get down by playing some good  music, comedy each and every week so we always remember that there is still good shit out there to give out attention to. If we don’t remember that, then the bastids have won already!

How’s all that sounding to ya? In all honesty, we here in the Front Row don’t think anyone else out there is giving ya all you can get under our one, little roof here in the Freak Show. So, tune in, peace out and get YOUR freak on! If you would like to find us other place around the world wide web….that shit is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Email us at crafty@frontrowatthefreakshow.com/  TweetHeads can hit us up at @athefreakshow @adamizer1 and @frontrowbax and plug in Front Row At The Freak Show on Facebook and YouTube and you’ll find us….I think. Bax also has his own FB thang going and you can find him under Bax Baxton there. 

Oh, snap! Almost forgot! Biggest, bestest part of the show is you! No joke, YOU can call us live, on-air and not only that, we encourage it!! Cal in with questions, comments, concerns….hopes dreams, desires….especially, desires! That’s right, ladies, all those little freaky desires…..ok, so, probably should stop there. But seriously, do it! (646) 668-8756

Well, hopefully we cleared up anything it was you were wondering about us. If not, guess you’ll just have to tune your as in! Alright, until then, you freaks be good now, ya hear?

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