Welcome Back….there’s the door!

What up freaks? So, yeah….I know, I know….once again, it’s been awhile but we have been working on trying to get some shit done. Top of the list is the podcast. So check this out. The Front Row happy to announce that we found us a partner in crime. Batman had Robin, Jagger ha Richards and Oswald had…well the CIA, half the Dallas police force and the vice-president. Anyway, hiding out up in the White Mountain area of FEMA Region 1 we find…..the Adamizer! With his help, we resuscitate the podcast and went live this past Wednesday the 25th with the idea of coming to all you good freaks once a week on Mondays starting on this one coming up, the 2nd. Anyway, show went pretty well with the notable exception of my obsession with the phrase, “ya know”….yeah, got to work on that. I would love to have it embedded here for ya but I can’t because the ball lickers over at youtube blocked the video on account of copyright violation. Now, where it’s true, as always we did play a song (The Ballad of Ira Hayes, Johnny Cash) which ok, I can at least in some way accept. Actually, it’s bullshit too but I’m willing to let it go for now. However, apparently, even the 33 seconds we play of the Stones Salt Of The Earth is too much as is the, oh….roughly 40 seconds of Dylan’s, When You Gonna Wake Up? WTF?!? So, we are disputing those on grounds of fair-use. Meanwhile, I say…alrighty then, will just upload right here to the site, right? Wrong! File(s) too big…I even cut the show in half and it’s too big for the site here anyway. If I didn’t know any better I would say someone don’t want our message getting out!

Well my fellow freaks, what can I say? Fucking trying here. All we can do right now is hope you will click on the link here

Front Row At The Freak Show: Crafty & The Adamizer EP1

We’ll get his shit figured out and son enough be posting all the podcasts somehow right here and hopefully YouTube if we can find an end around them pricks which, we will. Other than that, you freaks be good….oh and we do play the audio in this podcast but just for your enjoyment here and now, if you haven’t watched this yet, it’s truly fantastic. It is the former VP LBJ but this is from when he was the head cheese as president which of course, happened by helping make JFK’s head swiss cheese….story for another day. Enjoy an dyou freaks be good now, ya hear?

Hey! Word up and let us know what you think!