Watching The Watchers-A Guide To Waking Up

Alrighty freaks! First off, stay tuned as some news might be coming out of the Front Row any time now regarding the podcast. For now, here’s this week’s edition and now we are finally caught up with all the episodes. I think I screwed the proverbial pooch when uploading and labeled the episodes with incorrect number…got one ahead of ourselves. Note to self: Cut back on the mescaline…or take more! So, a big FU for all y’all as we head into the weekend. Yes indeed, Freaks Unite!
Episode 4- Waking up is a long process involving many stages; shock, denial, fear, anger, drunkeness, etc. This week we’ll continue to discuss the process, the players involved and especially those in the alt-media world both big and small that are doing great work reporting the truth and getting that info out to the freak show. Music from David Alan Coe and comedy from the outrageous, Bill Burr.

Originally aired live at on 8/25/14

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