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Freak Show Short- Confed Irate

Created 7/12/15

Topic: Just another silly tale from the Freak Show

Freak Show Short- Fu*k You, Mr. President!

Created- 7/11/15

Topic: With historic debt, massive unemployment, homelessness, etc. our esteemed leader decides to be a complete douche and order up a 12 mil vacation!

Freak Show Short- Making Hillary….BRRRAAAAPPP!

Created 7/08/15

Topic: Hillary caught training local politicians on exactly how to support her



Originally aired on 7/6/15

Topics: Technology, AI, Trans humanism


All Music Podcast

Originally aired on 7/02/15

Theme: Songs of freedom 4 freedom

Freak Show Short- Silly Christians Lose Their Shit

Created 7/01/15

Topic: Christians & right wing reacts to SCOTUS gay marriage decision



Originally aired 6/29/15

Topics: Supreme Court gay marriage decision, Greek debt crisis

Freak Show Short-BaxStage Pass: Digging For Truth

Created 6/27/15

Topics: The truth

Freak Show Short- Dead Pets & What NOT To Do

Created 6/26/15

Topic: Crafty on bill being introduced for pets to be buried with humans

Freak Show Short- The Confederate Flag & Why You Shouldn’t Give A Fu*K!

Created 6/24/15

Topic: Confederate Flag Foolishness


Originally aired: 6/22/15

Topics: Crafty covers the water front



Podcast EP17: Originally aired 6/15/15

Topics: Weather mod, Drought, God & Glenn Beck

Featuring: Bill Burr, Freddie King


Podcast EP16: Originally aired 6/8/15

Topic(s): G7 summit, Bliderberg & weather modification

Featuring: George Carlin, MC-5


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