Our Container Has a Lid

Why is it that so many of us become complacent in our lives and position within society? There is a story that tells us about putting fleas into a jar. The idea is that you can train fleas. While you cannot train fleas for a circus, we can glean a lesson from this allegory.

The story tells us that you can put fleas into a jar and then place a lid on to that jar. At first the fleas will jump repeatedly into the lid trying to escape. After a while they will only jump high enough so that they wont hit the lid and eventually they wont jump at all. Even after removing the lid, the fleas wont bother to notice their environment has changed and stay in the jar.
Have we become those very fleas in a jar? Is it possible that we have been conditioned to believe for so long threat we have only so high we can jump so that we don’t even try anymore? This is an alarming way to view our world but it seems pretty close to the truth.

We can take this idea a step further and ask if there are people put into positions that represent the lid. Look at our educators in the school system. Scores or teachers at the University, public and even most private level schools continue to push ideas and ways of thinking and problem solving that are in direct opposition to exploring the full potential of the human mind. Schools inundate the students with standardized tests which mark only the ability to retain bits of information and not true comprehension of material.

The police have been given virtual carte blanche to impose their will on the populace with little oversight or repercussion. Not until the evolution of technology gave the masses their own way to record officers have we seen an avalanche of injustice that has shown officers covering up facts to protect their fellow officers. Now we have a government who gives massive amounts of military grade weapons and hardware to do what? Police the citizens?

The government….oh hell the government. The institution that was supposed to be the model for the civilized world that beamed the light of freedom like a lighthouse through a storm has become little more than a mouthpiece for the corporate monsters who pay for their campaigns. Our elected leaders who are put into place for the sole purpose of representing their electorate and those who cannot or will not vote have only twisted the lid tighter.

We here in the Front Row can only help take the lid off of the jar and scream down from the top for you to look up and jump as high as your legs can allow. Because no person can drag another into the light, it is something which must be done alone. Do not fear it though because we will be here while you’re trying to jump, we will be here when you get out. As long as one of you out there will listen we will always have a seat saved for you, here in The Front Row.

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