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So, in honor of Labor Day, we here in the Front Row wanted to shake some things up. Sure, the country is on the verge of WWIII and economic collapse, but “fuck it, makes a hell of a fondue!” (bonus points for those who can identify that one)

Mr. Paychek’s version

What better way to honor Labor Day than by spending some time celebrating…, work? Are we serious here? Work? Of all the shit we could have set a day aside to celebrate, Labor Day, would have to rank somewhere between Human Disfigurement Day and Male Pattern Baldness Day. It’s almost insulting. Forget almost, it IS insulting. “Yeah, we know you’re just a wage-slave forced to eek out a paycheck to paycheck, mindless, go-nowhere, cog-in-the-machine, anti-creative existence. What do you say we set a day aside just so you can think that over and grill up some chicken.” Assholes!

C’mon, let’s face it, work sucks! Seriously, I have no idea why we do it. I’m very thankful for all those who busted their balls in years past to bring us where we are today, but now? Shit, we’re just fooling ourselves. I’m not sure prostitution is really the oldest profession or not, but getting fucked sure is!

I actually often wonder about those first, pioneering whores.  This had to be the mother of all start-ups! “You want me to what? Pay for it? Woman, shut the hell up and service me before I label your ass a witch and have the town burn your sorry ass at the stake!”.

Not only that, but if it was the first profession, what were all the guys paying with? They didn’t have jobs yet. Would seem to me ‘whore’ would have to be at least, the second oldest profession. My guess, the order went somewhat like this; general laborers, liquor salesman, pimp, whore.

Follow the trail all the way to today where we have Sr. tech advisers, Jr. loan officers all the way down to 2nd shift barista managers. All in the name of either figuratively or literally, getting laid. Isn’t that what’s it’s all about? How is it possible that anyone really likes what they are doing? It’s simple, they don’t. If they say they do, they’re full of shit. Chances are it’s more like, it’s easy enough for them and pays well enough for their lifestyle, but actually enjoy it? Meaning they would do it if money was taken out of the equation? 15070.max1024 I don’t think so. Just because one, “enjoys working with people” doesn’t mean they really want to drive an hour to sit at a desk, explaining the intricacies of term-life insurance 10 hours a day.

I know what you’re thinking. “Must be a pinko-commie, fag!” Wow, the word, “fag” has really gone underground lately, huh? Just typing it was awkward. Never hear or read that shit anymore. Regardless, no, not one of those. Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Capitalism are all the same damn thing, fiat-based, monetary systems. After a couple thousand years of societies and civilizations attempting all of these the jury is in, they don’t fucking work. I will reluctantly put an asterisk next to, Capitalism, for one reason. We haven’t really seen it yet or at least it’s been a long time since we had a true, free-market system. Big banks and corporations have been in charge since about the turn of last century, period. They have written the rules. Hell, they wrote the law that established that they, the private bankers, are to be in charge of all US economic policy. That is not conjecture nor is it a “conspiracy theory”. It’s fact. In the post, Everything Is Broken, I referenced the book by, G Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island. I suggest looking it up. If you ain’t got time for that reading shit, here’s Mr. Griffin giving a pretty detailed lowdown on his effort on YouTube.

I will end with this thought. I was at the playground recently with my two kids, a friend of mine and his two kids. Not sure how it came up but he mentioned how much, “better off we are today than we were” say, 100 years ago. I would think this is a fairly commonly held opinion. But is it true? We here in the Front Row, beg to differ. First, it is fact that the dollar has lost 96% of its value in that time. Secondly, where it’s true, that individuals, on average, work fewer hours per week. However, I can still not find one report that takes into account the fact that back then, while one (usually, the man) worked close to 60 hours a week, the other, didn’t work at all. Now, it is almost a necessity that both work an hence, total household hours work has gone way up over the last 100 years. Is this the direction we really want to be going?

In fact, there are studies that suggest we actually have only the same or even less ‘leisure’ time since the early 1900’s. One final stat? In 1940, 60% of families had a ‘traditional’ structure of husband as the bread-winner and wife as the homemaker. Today? That number is 13%! Don’t lose sight of the big picture either with the ‘traditional’ roles. The more important number is that both are working vs. which one may or may not be.

I don’t know, sure as hell don’t sound, “better off” to me. So, I’ll be working on working less and maybe one day, we can actually celebrate it!

Til the next time, you freaks be good!

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