Killing A Sock

Awright, freaks! Not bringing ya too much in the way of new info or insight but more checking in with just a couple of updates to keep all y’all apprised of the situation here in the Front Row. We are working the hardest we can on a lot of behind the scenes stuff for the long run success of things here but our aim is always to be more content orientated and pumping out posts like Miley Cyrus pumps out styrofoam fingers from her ass.

Before we get to that Front Row info, there was one news story that caught our eye this week. Big news out of Sweden that you may missed:

Public masturbation not a crime: Swedish court

Obviously, we hope this story doesn’t rub you the wrong way. The story was going to be run in the New York Times but I guess it got pulled after the editor had a stroke. I have to hand it to the Swedes, they sure know how to lay down the law. Now, I don’t want to start a mass debate here, but can you imagine if this happened in the States? First, the cops would have given him a beat-down, when all the really needed to say was, “Hey, Jack, off the beach!” and maybe yank him out of there. Then would cum the trial (sorry, couldn’t resist). In Sweden, the prosecutor said it was, “OK to play with yourself in public.” Here? The Prosecutor would be a dick and the judge a jerk. They’d toss him in jail for a few years instead of a slap on the wrist saying that it’s a feelony and not just a misdemoaner.

cartoon-penis OK, starting to stretch it, I’ll end it there. Spank you. Spank you very much!

One ‘serious’ question, though. If you read the article it says, “ was ruled he was not targeting a specific person”. Ummmm…huh? What exactly they talking about there? They mean physically or mentally? Wow, either way that had to be one hell of a judgement call.

Well, hope you enjoy that half as much as I did. (That’s what the guy in Sweden said!) But now, on to Front Row business. So yeah, just really want to point out the new page Freak Events on 9/11. Please check it out. Will be yet another page we’re kind of always adding to.

Also, we’ve expanded ourselves and you can now find us on Facebook. You can check us out there, here. Please like, share and all that bullshit if you can.

That’s about all for now, freaks. Thought we might ride you out with some real humor. This is a man who was never appreciated as much as he should have been and it’s too late now because he’s been dead like 20 years so, I guess, don’t like him too much! Ah shit, just one of great ones, Mr. Bill Hicks!


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