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Just gRand!


As far as politicians go, Rand Paul is about as good as we’re going to get right now. Well, I mean for those of us whose head is not fully lodged up their ass in that farcical, left/right paradigm. However, sadly, even Rand falls well short of the mark for us in the Front Row. His daddy, he ain’t. A lot does depend on how you look at it, of course, and I totally get that because he is not as outspoken and definitive as his old man, Rand might actually have a shot at the corner office. It’s then I like to think of that famous old saying, “Fuck compromise!”. It’s just that the whole shabang over there in DC has become so utterly replete with heaping, mounds of venal horseshit that unconstrained outrage is really what’s needed.

Anyway, quick post here as I just wanted to point out the above video. I’ve seen it posted now on a few other sites and all the references I have seen to it like to point out the tongue lashing, Sen. Paul gives the cramhole from Massachusetts. Secretary of State. What a freaking joke that is and for certain, can devote an entire post to that windbag, just not today. However, what puts the bees in this bonnet is actually, Rand’s rant. First he asks Kerry (actually, it’s borderline whiny & groveling) but he asks that if congress denies the permission to attack Syria, that the president, Obombya, actually adhere to the decision. I know, ludicrous that it has to be asked, but apparently this is necessary. Randy goes on to say that if they indeed do not abide then, “you’re making a joke of us, you’re making us into theater.” All good stuff, no doubt.

Would you like some ketchup with those lies?

Paul then goes on to mention all the potential pitfalls and unknowns of an attack. He then adds, how no one he has spoken to is in favor of an attack and not one call, of thousands has been in favor of attacking. It’s all outrageous because he predicated all of this by assuring Mr. Dicknose that the vote will “likely be in favor of attacking.”!?!

Huh? WTF is that? So, let me get this straight. Mr. Paul is upset that the POTUS may not listen to them if they vote no, but they’re likely to approve the attack after not hearing ONE American citizen in favor of it? Not one!? Now, I understand how the vote goes is entirely up to Rand, naturally, but he mentions it likes it’s a slam dunk. He should be slamming that fact over and over in Kerry’s botox-filled face! The Madison stuff was nice, but how about reminding Senator Horseface of Oscama’s own words when running for prez in ’07, ” “the president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”? Hmmm. That only kind of sounds like the exact freakin’ situation we’re in right now! 

All for now, you freaks behave!

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