In Bluto We Trust Part 2

dougkenney So….”What the hell we supposed to do you moron?”

Despite the inspiration from Bluto’s speech, it’s all for not if we don’t come up with a plan. Bluto and the American gang eluded at the end that the plan is ultimately, a simple one and that is true. However, here in the Front Row we do see a major problem with it. Before going ahead with the ‘plan’, let’s jump right to the problem. The problem is, most Americans are too, “fat, drunk and/or stupid” to carry it out! There, I said it.

Look at the levels we’ve accepted thus far. It’s really to the point where since we haven’t raised holy hell yet at the crap that’s been pulled, the corruption, the lies, the everything…then we just ain’t going to do it. There’s two, glaring, over-the-top examples of this. First is, war. I mean, what the fuck? Rich, old white men have been sending our youth off to die for all but just a few years of the last 100! Seriously, how much peace time have we had in that stretch? It’s absolutely pathetic that we allow it. Look, it’s declassified and on record that we entered Viet Nam on a lie. It’s called the Gulf of Tonken incident. American people told we were attacked and it never happened, period. First Gulf War? They paraded a Kuwaiti, teenage girl out in front 8e0d9b708553b4of congress and the American people and she cried as she spoke about the horrors taking place like Saddam taking babies out of incubators and letting them die on the ground. Problem is, it never happened! The girl? Oh she was just a part of the Kuwaiti royal family and was just one part of the PR machine used to get us to act on Iraq. How about our current situation? There’s been boots on the ground in Afghanistan for 12 years? Why? 9/11? Hey, even if you buy the official story which, by the way, is an absolute load of horse shit, but even if you buy it, 15 of the hijackers were Saudi and Osama was in Pakistan on 9/11 and also the day he was allegedly killed. Why the hell have we been in Afghanistan at all never mind, as long as we have? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that prior to 9/11 the Taliban had all but eliminated the opium and poppy production there and now it accounts for 92% of the world market! No…couldn’t be that. We’ve been in Iraq for 10 years, despite the BS crap they try to tell us about being out of there. Yes, a lot of US troops are out but it’s been put in the hands of private, for-hire mercenaries. Regardless, what got us in there? First they said they were behind 9/11, that didn’t wash. Then it was all about WMD’s. Surprise, surprise, we never found them.facebook_-833634352 Why? They lied about them from the get-go, period, end of story. Point is, we go merrily along here in the States as if the shit don’t stink. Well, it stinks to high heaven and it’s high time we said, enough! The number of dead Iraqi civilians is somewhere in the neighborhood of a million. One million! Civilians! That’s just in Iraq and just in the last 10 years. But it’s all OK because it’s, “over there”, right? As is the torture tactics we employed and continue to do despite being told, “America does not torture”. Right. “Fool me once, shame on me, ah, shame on you….we won’t get fooled again.”

The second of the over-the-top examples of American acceptance is the whole money/banking/economy, grandiose, ponzi scheme. Folks, really? This one just stumps me because it’s your money we’re talking here. I would think if anything, you’re hard, earned doe-ray-me being just pick-pocketed from you would light a fire under your ass, but, no, not even that. Real simplistically, this is what happened in 07/08. The banks knowingly and intentionally wrote one bad loan after another for most of the decade. The Fed chairman is asked point blank, “what if prices go down?”. His answer? “I don’t think that can happen.” Then, of course, it happens. The banks go belly-up.facebook_111045961 We bail them out to the tune of 700 billion. Not only do they get the cash but then, they foreclose on millions of homes and either get to keep the property or re-sell it for….you guessed it, more money! No one goes to jail, no one even bothers to pretend they have to pay the bailout money back. Oh no, what happens? Well, here’s a good one, for example. One of the engineers of the entire mortgage fiasco, Larry Sommers from Goldman Sachs, he’s the front runner to be the new chairman of the Federal Reserve! Can’t make this shit up. It’s the DC dosey-doe. The players move from high-up positions at banks or corporations, then get appointed, not elected, appointed to political posts. Then they help pass or create legislation before they leave back to the private sector and wouldn’t you know, that legislation they passed overwhelmingly benefits the company or bank they go back to. We’re talking about stuff that equates to billions, no trillions of dollars a year and it’s all money that one way or another comes out of our pocket either via new fees, taxes, higher prices, lower wages or combinations thereof.

Somehow, through it all, we collectively put our heads in the sand, pretend it’s not there and for some reason think that it’s both too big to do anything about and that it’s just the way it’s always been and will always be. What’s more, it’s clearly evident we are capable of a collective, us-ostrich-head-in-sandsocietal dialogue or debate but it occurs for such things like Miley Cyrus dressing up and performing like the spoiled, little whore she is. How bout the big game? Holy shit, there’s 24/7 radio and TV channels devoted to this with the discussion of a game lasting longer than the game itself.

The really sad part of it all is as I eluded to in part 1 of this piece, that we could be partying and even better than ever if we played our cards right. Seriously, where have all these technological, information and medical advances gotten us? We are working more than ever, spending less quality time talking and being with our loved ones and though some diseases have been cured or curtailed, others have exploded through the roof. Where’s the 2 day work week? It’s totally possible. Shit, a large majority of what we call ‘work’ could be done away with almost altogether. Discussion for another day but suffice it to say it is not pie-in-the-sky ideology. I never bought that whole ‘what would be people’s incentive to contribute if they didn’t have to’ line. We only approach this seeing how people react to working at a shitty job and barely getting by vs. getting a handout from daddy gov. I prefer to wonder what society could be like if every individual were truly free to fully utilize their unique talents and imagination. We’d be busting down other galaxies doors, that’s what!

The original premise to this piece was to offer the simple plan that can, if not get us to a zero-hour work week, at least put a stop to the insanity that we’re currently neck-deep in. I suppose, that’s got to happen first, anyway. The plan is simple and everyone can easily participate, across the board regardless of race, creed, religion or gay factor.

Indeed, All that really needs to happen here is to…

Wake The Fuck Up!!

There, I said it.




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