Grab Your Seat!


Welcome! Welcome to the Freak Show and if you’re reading this in America, welcome, of course, to the front row! Naturally, the front row gives you a breath-taking, awe-inspiring vantage point of all the beautiful bullshit performed for you daily and seemingly, without interruption. It could, I suppose, be a beautiful vantage point of the breath-taking, awe-inspiring bullshit….but you get the idea. 

“Freak show? Bullshit? What is this?”, you ask? C’mon, now! I know you know what I’m talking about here. I know you’re brain has taken a serious (vintage Mike Tyson) beating with fluoride in your water, GMO’s in your food, chemtrails in your skies and marathon sessions of ‘Charmed’ on your TV, BUT, I know you still have enough left in the old tank to figure out something or some things or ok, everything is pretty fucked up aboard the mothership, Earth, nowadays. It’s true. It’s true that everything is fucked and it’s true that you know it. The problem is that many of you (like 90%, which in America equals only about 297 million) just don’t give a rat’s asshole. Normally, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck that you don’t give a rat’s asshole. I’m afraid, however, that without an immediate and serious change in course, we’ll ALL be eating rat’s asshole for dinner…and fighting over it! Let me put this another way and quote the visionary, Jeff Spicoli, “…if we don’t come up with some cool rules, pronto, we’ll be bogus too”.

So, yeah, our goal here is join the fight and help wake up as many of you freaks as possible. We also want to be a go-to source for you freaks already awake, a springboard, if you will. We will rely heavily on and point out all those freaks who have been clearing a path to the truth already. Good freaks like; Alex Jones, David Icke, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Luke Rudkowski, George Noory, Matt Drudge and many, many more. These guys are all on the front lines and as you may have noticed lately, journalism in this country is becoming a high-risk occupation. Just go ask, Michael Hastings. Oh wait, you can’t because someone blew up his freaking car!

Of course, what good would any of this be if we didn’t have some fun along the way, right? If we didn’t, we’d be falling right into the hand of the New World Order! ‘Cuz let me tell you something about those sick little satanic shitbags over at the New World Order. They won’t even think twice about, say, scooping up your children, handcuffing them to a hot radiator and….oh, yeah…sorry! Got carried away there for a minute, ok, I’m back. Yes, fun! Basically, all conspiracy and no fun makes Jack a dull boy that no one wants to invite to any parties or associate with in any way. So, since we like parties, we’ll try to sprinkle in some stuff, be it news, opinion, music or video that takes the mind off coming systematic economic and social collapse. In other words, we’re like the love-child of Alex Jones and George Carlin.

Ok, that’s a disturbing mental image, my apologies for that. Hopefully, you get the point of what we’re trying to do here. Best way, of course, will be to keep checking back and seeing what’s what. Would love to hear from all that visit, good or bad. If there isn’t one already, I’ll be sure to add a comment field so that is in fact possible. Hopefully, set this bitch up so you can subscribe and do all that stuff the big, fancy blogs can do.


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