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A Front Row challenge for you! We’re going to go out on a limb and assume that most of you are close to the two and a half hours of TV US adults (15 and over) are consuming each day. Now, we’re not hear to judge but you probably should get off your fat, lazy ass and watch a little less of that shit! Ah, just playin, it’s your time, do what you want with it. Personally, I only watch about 15 minutes of TV a day….about 8 hours of YouTube but very little TV!

So, no, we’re not going to ask or challenge you to watch less tube. However, think it’s obvious that it would be beneficial and even more so as far as how much kids are exposed to. If you want to go even a little further and dip your bills in the conspiracy waters, there’s actually some compelling evidence suggesting TV was designed or exploited specifically as a mind control device. It has been shown that the flicker rate omitted by the TV does actually put the viewer in a highly suggestible, hypnotized state. Some have even concluded that just the thing being on and not directly watched poses the same threat. Anyway, our challenge concerns what you’re watching and seeing if we can replace some mindless drivel with some substance. Bottom line is there are hundreds of great documentaries out there shedding light on some amazingly important topics.

People ask all the time, “what can I do?” or “how can we do anything to help?”. Well, a first major step in any problem is raising awareness to the problem. So, simply by watching something with a message, educating yourself a little and sharing that with friends and family would be an excellent way to start. Hopefully then, the doc can inspire you to research more and maybe (gulp) get involved…hey, what a concept. Hey, it’s not that we don’t feel there isn’t a place in this world for say, Dancing With The Stars. Sorry, bad example, there truly shouldn’t be a place for that…oh, if only TV came with a ‘flush’ option, but you get the idea.

So, the following is a list of Front Row approved documentaries that maybe, just maybe you can decide to view over reruns of, The Closer. We think you’ll be glad you did, Much like our, Good Freaks To Know page, this will be an ever expanding list with a blurb on each so you know what it is you’ll be settling in to. As always, have a recommendation or review of your own? Let us know!


Psywar– Speaking of TV and media, have to start here. Psywar does a fantastic job at breaking down the shit sandwich us Americans have been eating for the last 100 years.  It’s borderline scary, to be honest, but should be required viewing by every HS student. Taken directly from YouTube: This film explores the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the United States, with an emphasis on the elitist theory of democracy and the relationship between war, propaganda and class.



Zeitgiest– If you haven’t heard of Zeigiest, I would suggest moving out from under the rock. According to the official website, since the release in 2007, the film had been viewed an estimated 300 million times! Since then, there have been two follow-up, full-length releases and the launch of the Zeitgiest Movement. Writer, director, Peter Joseph, doesn’t mess around or mince words as he takes on everything from the story of Jesus Christ to our monetary-based economic system. Some may call his solutions too idealistic or far-fetched and that’s probably true if we keep thinking of things in the same old, stick-in-the-mud way.



The Ultimate History Lesson– OK, so….like, um, wow! Just, wow! Yeah, this here is the brontosaurus of documentaries. It’s freaking massive is what it is! Yes, it totals 5 hours an 47 minutes, however, it is every bit as informative, educational and illuminating as it is long. It’s a weekend with award-winning educator, John Taylor Gatto. As per the website,, Former NYC and New York State School Teacher of the Year (John Taylor Gatto) illustrates HOW and WHY our public schools are dumbing us down… and what We can do about it. To say it runs for 5+ hours is actually misleading because the runtime should read, “life”. Surely, Mr. Gatto’s insight along with the amazing amount of references and resources provided throughout the interview leaves the viewer on a completely new path of awareness. So, make like, Aerosmith, Chip Away at the Stone, and change your life already!



America: Freedom To Fascism– If you’re looking to wake up here’s a nice, big bucket of cold water in your face! How’s this for a quote, “It’s organized crime. All you do is call the Republicans the Genovesas and you call the Democrats the Gambinos.” Yes! This film was brought to you by Aaron Russo. The same guy that brought you, Trading Places, need I say more? It’s actually why we love it so much here in the Front Row. Aaron Russo just has a genuineness and realism about him that average Joe’s like us can truly identify with. In fact, if you want a follow up or warm-up, here’s a great interview with Mr. Russo. Sadly, Aaron Russo is no longer with us as he was truly a beacon of light in the film industry.



The Obama Deception– No documentary list would be complete or even get started without at least one from Alex Jones. Picking just one, however, is like picking just one Johnny Cash tune or betting just one chip in Vegas. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose just one but we probably can’t list them all either. Hence, once again we’ll urge you head over to where you get access to all his work. That all said, Obama Deception is easily a must-watch. You might think by the title it’s just some right-wing, conservative slant bashing our president but it’s not. Alex cares not what side of the aisle one sits, in his opinion, they’re all New World Order, scumbag puppets. Watch this one soon as Obama Deception II is due to be completed Fall 2013.



Thrive– A film like Thrive really highlights just how screwed we really are and it has nothing to do with the content. Just the fact that people would rather watch and talk about, The Bachelorette, over a ground-breaking “idea” such as this. Then when you bring the content into it, well, how do they say it….fuggedabboutit! The shit is just mind blowing, really. It all starts simply too by asking the question, “is this really the best we’re capable of?” Thrive parallels Zeigiest in many ways but also differs in many ways too. The common thread, of course, being the current state of affairs and dominance, power and control of our entire planet in the hands of really just a  few and that those few are unbelievably greedy, soulless, ruthless douchebags.



What In The World Are They Spraying?– It’s a good thing these guys put this film together because if it was me, it would be called, “What The Fuck Are You Doing?” Seriously though, you can look up on any given day and see this crap criss-crossing the sky. Seen it with my own two eyes many a time. Sure ain’t no conspiracy that it’s being done. The question that then arises is, well, the title of this documentary. Once you finish here you can follow up with. “Why In The World Are They Spraying?“.



Fluoridegate An An American Tragedy– Not that these are in any particular order but perhaps I should have put one like this and the one above as the top 2. Why? Well, they’re both nice, little intros into the world of waking up. Psywar, of course, is a full-on, melt your face, holy shit, look at the evil these guys are capable of, kind of thing. Seriously though, it’s baby steps like this we could start with to make a difference. The real studies and research is out there, the verdict is in and this shit is poison, period. Do me a favor right now. Just go and look at your tube of toothpaste and read the label. They all say to the effect of, “HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED”, “CONTACT CDC”. So…why we drinking it?



9/11- The Myth and the Reality– Whoa! How did I get this far down the list without a 9/11 documentary? Well, guess we’ll just have to chalk that up to Al-Qaeda as well…freakin’ jihadists! Yeah, unfortunately, like death and taxes, 9/11 being an inside job is a certainty. There’s so many good documentaries and books and articles on it and for this list, I chose this one. Why? Well, it’s dry as hell and is simply a lecture/slide show by David Ray Griffin. So, no fancy music or effects BUT, DRay breaks the shit down like no other! He really does. Much more than the actual events of the day it was all the stuff going on up until September 10th that really matters. How’s that old saying go, “Oh the web we weave…”. Yeah, we got ourselves one crazy-ass web.


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Oklahoma City Bombing: Forerunner to 9/11– It’s an oldie but a goodie…kind of like the act itself now that I think of it. No, not a good thing that so much death and destruction was realized but another goodie in terms of feathers in the caps of the powers that be. God they suck. It’s important to remember this phony war on terror started well before 9/11. Though they pinned this on a single man (coughing, “bullshit, bullshit”), Clinton got some sweeping legislation passed in the wake of OKC.


For now, I will leave these 10 as ‘The List’. Suffice it to say, there’s many many more. In the effort of time, I was going to just throw a brief list down without commentary. However, even that will take some time. So, until then, feel free to visit the sister YouTube site of the Front Row. You can find that on the Kosbok channel. Now go learn something, would ya?

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  1. Arthur and Fiona Cristian(no they are not Christians) have a butt load of information to be scrutinized. Their videos on you tube are worth exploring. Although I personally have not met anyone that has the courage to go down this particular rabbit hole. Trance Amerika… brainwashed, deceived and controlled minds? The answers to why is too much for most to face. Anyway… Loveforlife website if anyone reading this gives a shit about these beautiful courageous people and their discoveries of truth.

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