Good Freaks To Know

As we all know, it’s not what ya know but who ya know and I know these guys and gals know more than what most know, ya know? Seriously, whether you’re just popping your alternative media cherry or got your own monogrammed tin-foil hat, the following are great places to stop by and spend a few days rolling around in truth like it was a big pile of hundreds. Though it will always be an ever-expanding list, it will take a little time just to get all the sites we know about listed on here, so keep on checking back! By all means, if you know a site that should be on here, let us hear it! 


Alex Jones is like the Babe Ruth of truth. By that I don’t mean he’s out drinking 15 beers and banging all sorts of whores every night either. No, no! Like the Babe hitting HR’s in a time before anyone else was, Alex been talking, granted, many times screaming, the truth way before it was sexy. Two main sites are and Prison planet is a subscription service which we here at the Freak Show can’t recommend enough. A mere $6/month let’s you and 10 of your homies log on, listen to his live show, watch 60+ movies all at the same time. We won’t lie here, at least not about this, Alex is sometimes an acquired taste. Ok, he’s nuts! But in a really good way. He bleeds this stuff and after tuning in for about 2 years now, it’s obvious that he alone is a big reason why so many are awake at all. If you’re not quite ready to dive in and give him cash, most all of Mr. Jones stuff can be found on YouTube.


Not even really sure why I have Drudge listed here. I mean gets like an undecillion hits a month! (ok, slight exaggeration but undecillion is a real number, no fooling!) Obviously though, everyone is already going to Drudge already and if you’re not, well….you’re just really friggin stupid! What the hell is the matter with you? Alright, we’ll let it slide but you really do have to check it out. It’s beauty is in its’ simplicity. All it is a bunch of headlines from all different sources, mainstream and otherwise with links to the corresponding stories. Great way to quickly stay on top of what’s going on with no prejudice to where a story is coming from. If it’s a story, it’s a story. Drudge also brings you news from places you just don’t get anywhere else. No word of a lie, my favorite headline to date that I never would have seen otherwise: “Man Dies Eating Cocaine From Brother’s Butt” ‘Nuff said.


On the super off-chance Mr. Lew Rockwell himself is actually reading this, Lew, I had to comb through a ton of pics of you just to find one where you didn’t look stoned out of your mind! Might want to look into that….just sayin’. Oh, and hit me up would ya? Wouldn’t mind looking like that myself. Honestly, not sure Lew is 420 friendly but I tell ya what…he sure as hell thinks you have the right to be! Sure, his site is a little…how shall we say…design-challenged, BUT he more than makes up for it with content. Naturally, you get Lew’s take either via written word or his latest podcast but there’s articles from a bunch of heavy hitters on there too. From Judge Napolitano to the good doctor, Ron Paul to Peter Schiff and Murray Rothbard, Lew has the bases covered.

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