Front Row Video Spotlight

A documentary worth watching. Now, I think Mr. Gilbert misses a good half of the overall story…ain’t just democrats to blame. The mess we’re in is a 2-sided coin.

(posted on 3/4/2015)


The more we hear from this guy, the more we like him, Def a freak worth checking out!

(posted on 9/16/14)

You know, we just linked to this in our last post but this needs a permanent home here on the video spotlight page.
I think you would agree. Ground-breaking shit from the legend himself, Mr. George Carlin and the 7 words you can’t say on TV.

posted on 8/31/14


Featured in the last podcast…the great, Bill Burr

(posted on 8/26/14)


Lee Camp obviously has a Front Row seat for the Freak Show.

(posted on 8/23/14)


9/11 Explained In 5 Minutes!

(posted 8/21/14)


It’s a Wonderful Lie- 100 Years of The Federal Reserve

(posted 12/28/13)

We decided to upload video rather than simply embed Youtube link, as we usually do, due to claims from creators of the video (David Knight & Infowars) that Youtube was regularly taking it down. You can check out those claims, which are intriguing in their own right, in an article here.


Oh, I’m sure this doesn’t happen anymore though…

(posted 12/26/13)

Simply priceless!

(posted 12/15/13)

Ben Swann with some great insight on the vaccine bullshit.

(posted 12/11/13)

George lays it down on the, “invisible man”.

(posted 12/8/13)

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