Freedom’s Just Another Word For Something Else We’ve Lost

keep telling yourself “They attacked us because of our freedoms?”
“Yeah, that’s what they say”
“Well, we can’t have that!”
“What? Them attacking us?”

I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me. Well, me and a few million other completely deranged folk in this country. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around why it seems to be a relatively few that are up in arms and feel this country jumped the tyranny shark a long time ago and nothing short of full on revolt is going to change it.

Believe me, I’d really rather be spending my time bitching about societal things like why in Sam Hall is someone like Taylor Swift even remotely popular let alone a Country mega-star. Or, why every kid gets a trophy when they’re not even keeping score at the games. That stuff right there is enough to know things are seriously wrong around here. Unfortunately, ‘Merica, we got ourselves a little bigger blunt to roll.

I know, I know, mammoths like the Federal Reserve or the Military Industrial Complex can seem a bit overwhelming and a bit too big of a sandwich to take a bite. So, what we’re going to do is start slow, and pop a few McNuggets of corruption down before we handle the Big Mac of tyranny. Alright? The following is a list of bite-sized oppression that’s getting more and more prevalent with each passing day. It’s when stuff like this happens, we need to speak up  and let the perpetrators know, “Not on our watch, bitch. Take your little stanky-ass, control game on out of here and bring on over to North Korea where that shit belongs!”

The following shit actually went down in this country:

3-year old boy arrested for urinating in public  

Read it and weep. What’s more, it wasn’t in public it was his own, front yard! Sure, easy to laugh off. Well, except for the parents who got smacked with a $2500 fine!! But cops pull this crap all the time and it’s about control. How the hell is pissing a $2500 fine anyway? I don’t care if you’re 3, 33 or 83…sometimes you gotta go. It’s America, dammit, and I’ll piss if I have to.

7-year old suspended for half-eaten pop tart that looked like a gun

I really don’t even care if the kid spent all night shaping it into an AR-15, it’s a god damn pop tart!

Fully armed SWAT team needed to apprehend a baby deer


Mom charged with vandalism for allowing daughter to draw on rocks with chalk

Charged and forced to do 50 hours of community service! I ask all you moms out there, got an extra 50 hours kicking around? Might as well asked for a million dollars. Disgustingly enough, there’s all sorts of ‘chalk’ arrests being made…I shit you, not. I’m actually surprised the little girl wasn’t tasered.

park-sign-lakewood-ohioHow bout this sign, huh? (click to enlarge) 4th of Ju-fucking-ly. What a damn disgrace. Oh, and fact is, you have a much better chance dying from a bee sting at this park or slipping in the tub getting ready than you do from a terrorist. The question, again is, which way is all this trending? Is this and the few examples above the last, pathetic grasps of dying despotism or the onset and early markers of a new authoritarian rule? How will this sign read a year from now, or two if left unaccounted? How about the image above capturing the TSA in all its glory? How long until that is happening on our highways, malls and schools? I listed just five, small examples but the list of this kind of stuff is endless and that’s not even getting into the massive rise in police shootings and use of excessive force. It’s everywhere you turn, literally.

That said, got to end with this clip. The good news is, the ‘lady’ cop was eventually fired but the fact that it even got there is what is so sickening. A cop ‘thinks’ he smells pot in the car and that gives them the right to shove a hand up inside you? It must freaking stop! Then we can start putting a beat down on the Federal Reserve! 







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