Freak Events On 9/11

Occasionally things come along that are a little bit bigger than a stinking blog post here and there. There’s sure as shit a lot more but here in the Front Row, we’re keeping it at two for now. As the title indicates, the first is the ridiculousness that unfolded September 11, 2001 and well, all the absurdity that has been wrought in the name of that ridiculousness. So, mostly this page is going to be a running 9/11 scrapbook with a twist by means of double-barrel, Facebook, whammy action. To put it another way, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermus percussion pitch! Makes perfect sense, right? The layout here will become clear as we go, but most of the info we’ll be posting here will be starting on our Facebook page, you can find that here and naturally, you like what’s going down here, we think you’ll like that too and ask that you “like” the page and share with all them FB buddies of yours. Yeah, even the jerks that are still sleeping! Although it probably is fairly clear already which way we here in the Front Row lean when it comes to 9/11 and that will become even more so as this page develops. However, we do feel it would only be prudent if we didn’t provide at least a brief summary of our official stance on the subject. Basically, here it is. If you still believe in the official narrative as laid out by those that were and are at the top, you’re either fabulously stupid, incredibly naive, wickedly apathetic or have had an extreme, sustained meth addiction over the last 12 years. It’s just the brutal truth, people. Alright, there is one other likelihood, unbridled denial. Although, even with that, got to be honest, traces of one of the other four reasons have to be kicking in as well. The evidence, if you just choose to open your eyes and take a quick peek is overwhelming. There almost isn’t one instance of the day that doesn’t contain a coincidence, an anomaly or some historic happenstance. Once all the information is uncovered, there is truly no other logical conclusion one can make than criminal factions of our government were at the very least complicit. More probable, is that it was completely orchestrated by them. Who’s that exactly? Well, we’ll get to that. One thing is for damn sure, ever since 9/11/2001 this country has been on downward spiral. “They” supposedly attacked us for our freedoms and evidently the response was, “well, if we don’t have any freedoms, they won’t do that again.” Well, that and never-ending war in the Middle-East. How’s all that been working out? Every email, text or phone call is tracked or recorded. Hell, can’t even jack-off these days without the NSA knowing about it. You’ll have to trust me on that one. Can’t get on a plane without a full rectal scan and oh, yes, there’s that little, old thing called the NDAA. You know, the law that allows for Americans, Americans, now, to be detained without charge, trial and held indefinitely! Ah shit! It seems even all that is just scratching the surface. So yeah, the Front Row highly recommends that if you’re not hip to the 9/11 411, than no better time. If you are, you know what to do, spread the good word best you can. These are in no particular order and again, really a 9/11 Beginner’s Guide. Hopefully, this helps and you can take the little info nuggets and run with them. [/caption]

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