Crafty & The Adamizer Ep6: Sitting At The Doc Of The Bay

Welcome to media month here in the Front Row! Yes indeed….this entire month we’ll be shining the Front Row spotlight on the media Freak Show. Meaning each week this month we’ll be delving into a different aspect of the ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-insane but ever-informational world of media. First up, documentaries. Crafty & The Adamizer each have a few hundred they could recommend but in the interest of time, get to as many as they can. Featured are trailers for: The One Percent, Psywar, Will The Real Terrorists Please Stand Up and Zeitgeist. Also, the boys take a trip back in time for the comedy segment and listen in on some old Morton Downey Jr while Crafty finally plays some Dropkick Murphy’s for the Adamizer with the Worker’s Song.


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