Crafty & The Adamizer EP 4: The E-Con-O-Me Oh My! (First Hour)

The first half of podcast from Monday 3/16 The boys put a bow on the religion discussion from last week with a great question by the Adamizer everyone should hear and try to answer. We wrap up the hour with the Front Row Scuttlebutt but this week reporting on many more headlines from around the globe.

10 thoughts on “Crafty & The Adamizer EP 4: The E-Con-O-Me Oh My! (First Hour)

  1. Huh. So you don’t consider persons in uniform members of the military industrial complex? How convenient of an argument for you. Something about having your cake and eating it too?

    If you are that irate about the state of affairs my suggestion is that you run for public office.

    Who said the country is going down the toilet? You…not me. I prefer to be an optimist.

  2. Well, Mr. Hubbard, question for ya….is it perhaps time to look at the system that creates corruption in politics? I recommend looking into the Zeitgeist Movement (much, much more than just the trilogy of films put out by Peter Joseph). I would also add, that it’s truly a sad day if we are simply resigned to corruption being a part of the game and that’s just the way it is, never going to change it. Why with all this corruption are the same politicians elected over and over and over again? As for the “help wanted signs”, I am assuming since they were in fact signs, they were for lower skilled, lower pay positions…are you suggesting that the father of 3 kids who got laid off from his 60, 70 or 100K job should flip burgers and hope for the best? I think the unemployment/underemployment issue is much deeper and more serious than you suggest and I will also add, with automation becoming more and more prevalent, we’re only seeing a tip of the iceberg that already has 92 million working age adults NOT in the workforce. It’s worth discussing, though, so appreciate the comments.

    1. Steve –

      Complaining about corruption in politics is like complaining about water for being wet. As for the help wanted signs one was for a mechanic at the local gas station and one was for a CDL driver at the trucking company next door to where I work; assume both would pay a reasonable living wage. The other 3 were for entry level / service jobs. Although…isn’t any job better than no job? Or are people happy with their entitlements that pay, in Mass., an average of $15.00 an hour?

      One suggestion to reform politics is to only have people who pay taxes vote (military & veterans excluded). Note the Top 1% of US earners paid 40% of all taxes.

      – Dave “Proud member of the military-industrial complex that keeps the USA safe” Hubbard

      1. That’s a truly sad and pathetic opinion you have there, my friend, sorry. Is that what the forefather’s should have said? “Ah, the king is corrupt, always has been, always will be…nothing we can do about it so pour me another cup of tea would ya?” Or perhaps we should have had that attitude toward Hitler? “Hey, he’s a bad guy, what are ya gonna do?” Again, I will ask or say, maybe it’s time to put the system that allows for, no…REQUIRES corruption from the politicians on trial here. Maybe, just maybe there’s a better way of doing things? Maybe the idea that a debt-based monetary system combined with fractional reserve banking that requires constant growth and consumption fueled by the philosophy that the bottom line is more important than any social or ecological consequence is only leading to millions of totally senseless and unnecessary deaths every year and the complete destruction of the one and only planet we have? (My apologies for the run on sentence). I would argue, Dave, you’re looking at the WHOLE picture through a very narrow lens. You say you saw 5 signs, great! Sure, you can snapshot that and say, “See! There’s plenty of jobs” I would ask, do you know what any of them are offering for pay or how many applicants there are for each of those? But still, that wouldn’t even really matter b/c it’s a fact that right now there are more unemployed Americans as a % of population than at any time in our history…it’s close to 100 million. That doesn’t even come close to the underemployed. The middle class is in a death spiral, on average we are working more and taking home less every year. In fact, if you choose to take a look at virtually every social and economic statistic compared to 20, 30 or 400 years ago we have been in decline almost across the board. Go look up a relatively new phrase called structural violence and the studies conducted by Harvard and other schools which point to literally tens of millions of deaths and even greater deprivation each year that is all caused by the inherent, underlying facts of the current construct. I don’t really want to “assume” or accuse based on assumption but my guess is that you haven’t looked at any of these things because you fall into the top 10-15% of the population that the system is still working for but believe you, me….even that’s starting to crack. As for being a fan of the military industrial complex, it’s a statement that is so entrenched in foolishness and based solely on pure propaganda that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I am a fan of discourse, so I appreciate any and all comments, I truly do. However, I get the impression that you’ve had maybe a few too many gallons of kool-aid and it ultimately doesn’t matter what I say or how many #’s I throw at ya, Tell ya what, on my site here I have a documentary page, go watch a few of those, follow it up with a little independent research…most of them provide sources to follow and get on back to me. The first 3 I have listed will do.

        1. Steve – Agree discourse is always useful…but I got to call you out on the ‘100 million unemployed’; with a US population of approx. 320 million that would be a staggering percentage; perhaps you meant unemployed & underemployed…

          As for the mechanic and CDL driver help wanted signs…they have been up for weeks – I drive past them every day; the signs are outside on sandwich boards for all to see. Skills pay bills. Also the company I am working for had 3 junior Java development positions open for weeks paying $75k + with full benefits and we had to turn the positions back unfilled due to no qualified US candidates. Skills pay bills. The manufacturing base has left the USA and its not coming back so mid-wage / low skill union jobs on the line are gone, gone gone. Its a new work paradigm.

          I agree the system is starting to crack…how long can top earners be expected to pay 38% in taxes while 50% of the population pays no taxes? What if the top 10% – 15% of earners banded together and decided to leave the USA? The top 1% of earners account for 40% of consumer spending. NY state recently raised their top tax bracket and a cabal of millionaires joined together and simply moved to avoid the tax hike. I have long been in favor of a flat tax system and implementing a national sales tax to cure the national debt.

          As for the military industrial complex…if you are not a fan please tell that to the next military member you see in uniform. It’s easy to say on an internet forum…

          – Dave “Was invited to the Charlie Baker inauguration…but I had to work” Hubbard

        2. “A gauge known as the labor force participation rate measures the proportion of working-age adults who either have a job or are looking for one. This rate fell to 63.2 percent last year, its lowest level point 1978, according to the Labor Department.” This is from daily mail dot com but it’s sourced many places.
          Yes, I rounded up the second time I had to say it…this here equals 92 million. Fact is, Dave, if they used UE stats that they did just 20 years ago, the official number world be about 16%. Throw on underemployed? Talking half the country. I have no more time to discuss the two awesome jobs available on your way to work. If that’s how you want to gage our economy, have a good time. Do I really need to list 40 significant socio-economic stats that have been in decline for the last 40 years? It’s ludicrous! We are broke, Dave, broke.
          As for the military. Once again, you have your narrow little glasses on and all I can do is quote Dan Akroyd and say, “Dave, you ignorant slut!” First, you said the MIC, didn’t mention the troops…HUGE difference! However, I actually have a podcast and you and every military person out there can listen and call and I have and will say the same thing. I actually do give a shit about them and want them to come home and stop dying and getting injured or killing themselves (at a rate of 22/day) in the name of the MIC, big banks and TNC’s which is all any of these wars or conflicts or actions are about. I want the troops to start questioning just who and what they are fighting for and I will say it on air and to their face. Go read Maj General Smedley’s book, War Is A Racket…written in 1930’s and ask just how the hell is this still going on 80+ years later? Go read, Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins and him blowing the whistle on the cia-backed corporations exploiting country after country.
          To end, basically, you called me a coward with the, “on line forum” remark which hopefully I have answered for you. However, I will turn the table, Dave and call you the coward. You don’t want to face any of these issues. You want to follow the mainstream, not rock the boat and ultimately, stay quiet while this country and planet go down the toilet. I will submit, in fact, that we are actually, circling the drain as we speak.

  3. Corruption in politics is, sadly, part of the human condition going back to at least the days of ancient Rome. These days it just seems more obvious due to the 24 hour news cycle.

    As for unemployment I saw 5 ‘Help Wanted’ signs while out doing errands yesterday. There is work out there if people are willing to work.

    – Dave “Where are my entitlements?” Hubbard

    1. Sorry, Dave, not going to play this game with ya anymore. This will be my last post in this thread. Why is it that I directly answer almost every question you have put forth, yet you don’t really answer mine? I’ve raised pertinent facts about structural violence, 40 years of declining numbers across the board, the real reason(s) for war or aggression yet, you choose to focus on a hair-splitting difference of including the troops as part of the MIC or not? Heck, I put out point blank and answered you that I do and will talk about how I feel to any member of the military and not anything from you for basically calling me a coward that required my response in the first place? No, sorry…I will yet again answer you here and now but not playing that game with you. I will also however, after answering you, put a challenge out to ya so please, read on.
      Would I technically include the troops as a part of the MIC? Sure, you got me there. Congratulations! But that’s not the issue or the point and it’s also quite idiotic. It’s like saying you are a fan of the banking or financial complex because you like tellers. Or, you support and endorse the entire education system because you support teachers. If you wanted to say you support the troops, say you support the troops. But you didn’t.. You said you were a fan of the MIC, an absolute, wasteful, soulless, out-for-profit (in the trillions) behemoth that President Eisenhower warned us of 60 years ago (and trust me, I am being kind in my description). You are saying you support endless war, senseless death, torture and the raping, pillaging and general exploiting of countries the world over for essentially private, corporate gain. It’s not having my cake and eating it to. It’s called being able to differentiate and discern and not just accept everything we are told despite the fact we now have decades and decades of exhaustive proof that we have been lied to over and over again.
      Run for office? What are fucking kidding me? I have started a blog and a podcast and choose to voice my irateness via those platforms. It just goes to show that ultimately, you haven’t taken in one god damn thing I have said or where this started out….the SYSTEM is broken, Dave.Please, don’t answer this but what would you recommend I run for, town selectmen? Oh, that should make a dent. No, I have chosen the platform I have in an effort to raise awareness about the very things you have not been picking up on here at all. And, if I wasn’t also an optimist, I wouldn’t bother doing that but brother, you are really testing the bounds of that optimism. To that point….there is a distinct difference in being an optimist and a realist. Having critical thought and blindly accepting and hoping things turn out ok. For example, if a tornado is heading toward your home, I would like to think you would want me to warn you and not simply hope or be optimistic that it is going to miss.
      So, again, down this path, on this thread, I can no longer continue, I am sorry. HOWEVER, and here’s my challenge to you….I have a podcast every Monday at 8:30 and I would welcome your call where we could discuss all this and more face to face (so to speak) you can even tell every single last military person that you know to either join you or they can listen and call in to and I would talk to every single one of them. This way, we can see who is using this on-line comment forum to “talk tough” and who is not. BTW, the show is on for 2 hours so you have a nice big window in which to call. Waddya say big fella? Got it in ya?

      1. Huh (again). The one show I listened to you said you wanted people who disagreed with you and now you are dropping off the thread.

        If you have no contact or work history with the military or military – industry partners I suggest you not talk to it. Regurgitating talking points from fringe YouTube videos doesn’t count. For example Raytheon is the largest private employer in Massachusetts and employs (both union and professional) 70,000+ residents with salaries and benefits, pays boatload of taxes to Mass. and provides effective war fighting equipment to the US Military that keeps you and your family safe at night but…somehow Raytheon is evil?

        Just because you say the system is broken (such a vague term) does not make it broken.

        I’ll see about calling in but was planning on watching the Celtics fight for a playoff spot.

        1. I will answer now that we have talked but again, Dave, to use your own phrase, don’t twist my words around. I do want comments and callers and yes, especially those that disagree but when I provide two or three paragraphs of info and/or stats and you nit-pick one word or phrase and choose only to focus on that and ignore everything else, I’m sorry, I cannot go down that road with you. That said, I do appreciate the fact you called in. I hope you are better able to understand where I or my co host and I are coming from and it’s exactly what I said early on in this thread that you completely ignored….simply asking the question that maybe it is time we start examining and asking questions in general of the system itself. The system that promotes the corruption, the endless war, etc. etc. I think, Dave, you are where a lot of people are and that is stuck in believing that it’s the same country it was 30, 40 or 50 years ago…especially with all that American Dream stuff. Those are not the facts and those are not the trends. Fact is, and we just touched on it last night but haven’t really got into it is…actual, real economic principles and forces that are at play here and behind the scenes of most of this other stuff we are talking about. We have now had (and are seeing the results of) 100 of the federal reserve (a PRIVATE central bank that our forefathers mind you, insisted on not having) But that’s been 100 years of money printing and fractional reserve lending that combined with some MAJOR legislation over the years (typically written by the big banks themselves) has seen the dollar lose 96% of its value in that time and 2 major system failures in 75 years with 11-13 slightly lesser ones….not a good track record, IMO. Combine that with this system that requires two things, growth and consumption. You make my case for me with your comment about Raytheon employing that many people and companies like that who are very much in existence because of war. How can we possibly expect and end to things like our foreign policy and constant war if it is such a large part of the economy? Can’t you see where that might be a problem? It’s exactly like out health care industry….it’s HUGE and massive and you know what? It depends on people getting or remaining sick not being cured or remaining healthy. It’s a fact that if a cure for cancer were discovered right now the economy would tank. 100’s of thousands would be out of work and billions of dollars of would taken out of the equation…so, there’s no real motivation for it.
          I will end here saying, one…please do not tell me of what or what I can not speak of. Have you ever played professional basketball? Have you any idea of what it is like to be on that court as a professional, paid player or coach or GM? No. Yet you speak of it often and with a great deal of confidence…why? Because maybe you have watched it and studied it and tracked it and been a part of paying fan base that keeps it going? Well, same goes for me. I (or anyone else for that matter) also do not need to spend time in or around any institution to be able to formulate opinions on it, read and listen to what many people who have been involved with it have to say, etc. etc. Lastly, I will once again, recommend some viewing and/or reading for you…something I have done 2-3 times in this thread yet again, you have failed to recognize. It’s called the Zeitgeist Movement. There’s a trilogy of documentaries that ended around 2011/12 and then a whole host of lectures and reading material and source material that has been put out since. Do this especially before, as you did last night, you accuse us (or me) of being unrealistic or saying things can’t change. Things can change, Dave. In fact, that’s been the only true constant if you look down throughout history. And, if you choose to look at history you will also see it was people who were usually by and large considered “radicals” and condemned and criticized (if they were lucky) for believing something better or something different was possible. So, it’s really just a matter of asking, what side of history do you want to be on? Think about it.

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