Assume the Position: No Application, Only Supplication Required

Many of us have had that odd bout of nervousness at times when we have an officer tailgate us for reasons unknown. Depending on your lifestyle choices, maybe you have reason to be paranoid. However I have often wondered why it is that many Americans don’t feel a sense of comfort when a cop car is looming in the rear view mirror.
I would argue that the reason for law enforcement is to help the general public feel safe from those who would try and take what others have illegally. Criminals exist and that requires a group of people who are willing to be paid to uphold what is deemed as law and protect those who cannot or will not do it for themselves. Any line of work will have individuals who take advantage of their position and abuse any authority they are given.
This is amplified when it happens in law enforcement as these individuals can use lethal force when it is absolutely necessary. Couple this with the attitudes and beliefs of some that may be considered radical and you have a recipe for disaster. This is not to say that all officers have power issues or radical beliefs, but it does occur.
We will be looking at police violence and some recent abuses of power tonight on The Front Row and address some of the past cases that have resulted in death, harm and civil rights abuses to citizenry.
Join us and share your stories or opinions on the current state of affairs in regards to the seedy element within law enforcement and help us figure out why supplication is now required.

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