The Daily Freak 6/26/15 Freaky Friday Edition

Just a few of the news articles and videos that caught our attention today June 26, 2015.

-That Beautiful Sound You Hear Is 100 Million Silly Christians All Stomping Their Feet:)

-Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? To Avoid This Freaking Guy!

-Oh Yes! Do Tell Me Again How Transparent You Are Mr. President 

-You’re Fracking Kidding Me?!

-Keep Telling Yourself You’re Free. Mom Faces Jail, Removal Of Child For Weed


In honor of the supreme courts decision on gay marriage which is sure to piss off a whole bunch of religious types, let’s pour some salt on the wounds and the best way to do that is with a healthy dose of the Amazing Atheist!

 And it’s another Freaky Friday! Of course we need to set the tone for the weekend with a tune…You freaks enjoy now, ya hear!