Crafty & The Adamizer EP9: Propagan…Da Fuck?

Originally aired on 4/20
Huh? What? Crafty MIA for the 4/20 show? Right, “personal business…sure!” That’s right, Adamizer slides into captain’s chair for the show and is joined by budding Front Row star, Bax..
Keeping Media Month going here from the Front Row the two talk up the boolshit. No, really…I mean literally talk up the boolshit. On the docket this week…propaganda! See, told ya it was boolshit! In between the Adamizer & Bax laying down how the man is messing with your mind, of course there will be some laughs, tunes and your calls. So, if you haven’t noticed, anyone who’s anyone has been getting their freak on lately so you best be tuning in and doing the same or you just won’t fit in like everybody else! yeah, ok, maybe a little propaganda there, but you know you wanna anyway! You freaks be good now, ya here?


Crafty & The Adamizer Ep7: Fair And Balanced, Bought And Paid For

Media Month continues here in the Front Row and this week Crafty & The Adamizer put the MSM in the crosshairs or better put, the MSMM (Main Stream Mockingbird Media). Where does Mockingbird come from? Well, you know it’s bad when even Wiki can give you a pretty straight forward answer on such an incredible topic….”Operation Mockingbird was a secret campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media.” Of course, the only point I would argue with any of that from Wiki is the part where it says, “was”. The actual operation might be over but the ties betwen the intelligence community and MSM & Hollywood are as strong as ever.

Conspiracy? Maybe. Screwed? Definitely.


Crafty & The Adamizer Ep6: Sitting At The Doc Of The Bay

Welcome to media month here in the Front Row! Yes indeed….this entire month we’ll be shining the Front Row spotlight on the media Freak Show. Meaning each week this month we’ll be delving into a different aspect of the ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-insane but ever-informational world of media. First up, documentaries. Crafty & The Adamizer each have a few hundred they could recommend but in the interest of time, get to as many as they can. Featured are trailers for: The One Percent, Psywar, Will The Real Terrorists Please Stand Up and Zeitgeist. Also, the boys take a trip back in time for the comedy segment and listen in on some old Morton Downey Jr while Crafty finally plays some Dropkick Murphy’s for the Adamizer with the Worker’s Song.