9/11 & The Fed- 2 Big Elephants, One Room

Show Description: Back on the stick after a week off to take on two behemoths, 9/11 & the Federal Reserve. 2, jammed pack hours of these 2 sick, twisted concoctions of the human mind and how they are related. Also playing this week from the Front Row will be the music of Waylon Jennings and the sick, twisted comedy of the legendary, Bill Hicks.

Originally Aired 8/11/14

Welcome Back To The Front Row!

It’s alive!

What up, freaks? Yes, yes, yes….we are back here in the front row at the freak show. Hopefully this time, it is indeed for good. Well, at least until the shit actually does hit the fan and the whole grid goes goes down but until then….consider us, in! Gonna be doing things a bit differently too. Basically, a few weeks ago we started a podcast which you freaks can check out live on Mondays at 7PM (EST) by going to blogtalkradio.com/frontrow. We’re hoping to get in a groove and get up on here for y’all by Wednesday each week. Below is the debut of the podcast and over the next week or so, we’ll try to get caught up getting the other 3 episodes posted here.

Basically, freaks, we found out here in the Front Row that writing just wasn’t out thang. We are, however, really grooving on the audio/video format and hoping to keep learning and growing this thing and, of course, trying new shit. We’re also going to try and pay more attention to the other parts of the site so it can be what we always envisioned and that is a true springboard for you freaks to use and enjoy to help wake your asses up or keep ’em awake. So, we’ll be adding to the Good Freakin Documentaries and the Good Freaks To Know pages and even trying just to post good random vids and articles from the world wide web.

So, check out the podcast! If you dig it, please share and re-post that shit to help spread the word. What I’d like to see too is some of you freaks joining me live on Mondays and giving me a call during the show so I can talk to some of you twisted mo-fo’s during the show! We’ll get some good dialogue going and figure out together how to put an end or at least cope to the ever growing freak show around us. As you’ll see (or, hear, actually) each week we not only bring the perspective of the Front Row to a given subject or two but also mix it up with tunes and some stand-up comedy. So, maybe we can turn you on to something new there as well.

Alrighty, freaks. Stay tuned and keep checking back as new shit will here will be like the end of a Ron Jeremy film….coming BIG TIME! Remember, we’re all in this together so….FU! That’s right, FU! Freaks Unite!