Good Question, Bobby.

So for the most part, from now on, unless a part of a new post, we’ll be putting up random but always meaningful new videos of various nature on our new Video page. Be sure to check there often for the latest entries and while we’re at it, should also mention the new Toon page (coming soon) which will be a place for any good political cartoons we happen to come across and want to bring to you freaks’ attention.

All that said, occasionally, a vid (or perhaps, a toon) will come along that we just need to post smack dab here in the middle of the page as a stand alone entry. This here is a prime example. Driving along today the words popped into my head for some reason, not sure why…was listening to the Johnny Cash 1977 Christmas. Anyway, the words popped into the old noggin and it had been a little while since I heard the whole tune. Maybe even since I have in fact, woken up myself. So, just had to look it up on YouTube and hear all the lyrics and Bobby’s message all over again for the first time.


Think you’ll all agree, Bob, as usual, ahead of the curve.


Face Shitting

Hey freaks! Yeah, we’re back here in the Front Row and ready to rock the roll again. Hopefully all y’all dig the new digs of the site. For sure, however, still have some of those proverbial bugs to work out but guaranteed to be running better than! More of a quick post here just to get the juices flowing again. Any y’all see this? If you ever wondered what exactly the late, great George Carlin meant by the Freak Show, this here is it. Personally, not sure there’s a better way to get back into the swing than….face shitting.

How could anyone want shit on this? Literally, that is…

Apparently, this MSNBC host, Martin Bashir (who we had never heard of prior to this) is “resigning” (i.e. “Don’t let the door smack your ass on the way out, Marty.”) from his show all over comments he directed at one, Sarah Palin. It went something like this. Sweet, sexy Sarah said that the current debt problem of the country will be like slavery for the yungins of the US. A point, by the way, that is pretty on point. Hell, we already are wage-slaves with ever-eroding freedoms and the problem is only getting worse. Regardless, Mr. Bashir was completely offended by this statement. Something tells me, Marty was not the biggest Palin fan before her speech but this was obviously just too much for him to take. He then proceeded to speak of the despicable acts of a certain slave owner from back in the day, like how this guy would relieve himself (both ways) on his slaves. Bashir then suggests that just for likening our debt to slavery, perhaps someone should come along and give the sultry, sizzling, Sarah the same treatment and yes, shit on her face! As we said, if this ain’t Freak Show, don’t know what is.

HOWEVER! For this, the man needs to “resign”? Seriously? Here in the Front Row, that’s the truly disgusting part in all this. Yes, even more than the feces facial. Personally, I could give a rat’s ass about, Martin Bashir. Truth be told, from the Front Row, looks like someone already has shit on this man’s grill and he’s possibly even one of those sick fucks who likes it. What exactly, however, was so egregious here to call for losing his job? Sarah had an opinion, she said it. He had an opinion, he said it. Um, America, right? Not that any is needed but just more evidence toward the epic pussyfication of late, great, United States. (more…)