Mr. Bax Loses His Marble

During the show on Monday Crafty played a clip and asked us our thoughts about it. This is normal format for our show and often makes for great conversation. This clip pushed me over the edge that I am never far away from these days and I would like to explain why I was so angry.
The clip was from the recent debate for the top GOP candidates running for the Republican nomination of the 2016 race to the White House. The clip was Megyn Kelly as moderator asking a question posed by a Facebook user. Now I would like to preface this by saying that I have no love for Megyn Kelly and that may have caused me to become more irate.
The audio did not play the “tease” by Kelly before the commercial break during the debate when she said, “because after the break, we’re going to let the candidates make their closing statements, their final thoughts — and God.”
This is where my cookie begins to crumble because we have a moderator during a national debate, even if it is a laughable debate, using the ideology of a god to garner interest and keep people from surfing away from that channel. This is just sad and a cheap way to use any religions god as a ratings net.
We now fast forward to the question posed by Chase Norton from the vitriolic and troll-ish land of Facebook that read, “I want to know if any of them have received a word from God on what they should do and take care of first.” At this point my already high blood pressure began to push the elasticity of my veins and my anger spilled over into the show. While I try to remain calm most of the time I fell victim to my anger and unleashed a rant that likely could have been said in a rational manner that would have been more logical and far less entertaining.
The reason this is not okay in my mind has to do with several ideas I hold about society and the way things should be presented. Further, I feel like this was in no way relevant to the intended spirit of the debate. I feel like the question was posed to garner votes and or interest from a specific portion of our culture and marginalize others. God has no place in the political arena when used as a tool for capturing constituents. Only a portion of those debating answered the question which draws even more suspicion.
What alarms me the most is the notion that their political campaigns are being portrayed as some kind of divine dictate from on high and that these men are being directed by God to run for political office. I would argue that any god would be far less concerned over politics and have much more to do than speak to a rich male who is out of touch with their citizenry and much of reality.
Using religion to further ones political agenda is appalling and has no place on national television. To use religion in such a way is blasphemous and counter to the idea that church and state are separate. While I take my spirituality seriously and hold no ill will towards anyone who chooses to believe what makes them happy, I feel like using that part of your life as a springboard into a voting pool is inappropriate. I believe that God speaks in many ways to many people but I think that the way these men phrased their responses gave the impression that they were being spoken to directly and that justifies their potential nomination. Am I off base here? Please comment and tell me what you think. I am willing to entertain the idea that my opinion is flawed as long as you can rationally rip me apart.

Our Container Has a Lid

Why is it that so many of us become complacent in our lives and position within society? There is a story that tells us about putting fleas into a jar. The idea is that you can train fleas. While you cannot train fleas for a circus, we can glean a lesson from this allegory.

The story tells us that you can put fleas into a jar and then place a lid on to that jar. At first the fleas will jump repeatedly into the lid trying to escape. After a while they will only jump high enough so that they wont hit the lid and eventually they wont jump at all. Even after removing the lid, the fleas wont bother to notice their environment has changed and stay in the jar.
Have we become those very fleas in a jar? Is it possible that we have been conditioned to believe for so long threat we have only so high we can jump so that we don’t even try anymore? This is an alarming way to view our world but it seems pretty close to the truth.

We can take this idea a step further and ask if there are people put into positions that represent the lid. Look at our educators in the school system. Scores or teachers at the University, public and even most private level schools continue to push ideas and ways of thinking and problem solving that are in direct opposition to exploring the full potential of the human mind. Schools inundate the students with standardized tests which mark only the ability to retain bits of information and not true comprehension of material.

The police have been given virtual carte blanche to impose their will on the populace with little oversight or repercussion. Not until the evolution of technology gave the masses their own way to record officers have we seen an avalanche of injustice that has shown officers covering up facts to protect their fellow officers. Now we have a government who gives massive amounts of military grade weapons and hardware to do what? Police the citizens?

The government….oh hell the government. The institution that was supposed to be the model for the civilized world that beamed the light of freedom like a lighthouse through a storm has become little more than a mouthpiece for the corporate monsters who pay for their campaigns. Our elected leaders who are put into place for the sole purpose of representing their electorate and those who cannot or will not vote have only twisted the lid tighter.

We here in the Front Row can only help take the lid off of the jar and scream down from the top for you to look up and jump as high as your legs can allow. Because no person can drag another into the light, it is something which must be done alone. Do not fear it though because we will be here while you’re trying to jump, we will be here when you get out. As long as one of you out there will listen we will always have a seat saved for you, here in The Front Row.

Assume the Position: No Application, Only Supplication Required

Many of us have had that odd bout of nervousness at times when we have an officer tailgate us for reasons unknown. Depending on your lifestyle choices, maybe you have reason to be paranoid. However I have often wondered why it is that many Americans don’t feel a sense of comfort when a cop car is looming in the rear view mirror.
I would argue that the reason for law enforcement is to help the general public feel safe from those who would try and take what others have illegally. Criminals exist and that requires a group of people who are willing to be paid to uphold what is deemed as law and protect those who cannot or will not do it for themselves. Any line of work will have individuals who take advantage of their position and abuse any authority they are given.
This is amplified when it happens in law enforcement as these individuals can use lethal force when it is absolutely necessary. Couple this with the attitudes and beliefs of some that may be considered radical and you have a recipe for disaster. This is not to say that all officers have power issues or radical beliefs, but it does occur.
We will be looking at police violence and some recent abuses of power tonight on The Front Row and address some of the past cases that have resulted in death, harm and civil rights abuses to citizenry.
Join us and share your stories or opinions on the current state of affairs in regards to the seedy element within law enforcement and help us figure out why supplication is now required.